Fraternal Support

What is Fraternal Relief?

Masons take an obligation to support their brethren.  The concept of fraternal relief is over three hundred years old, and has taken many forms over the years.  In the past, it meant caring for our elderly brethren who have fallen on hard times.  It meant supporting their widows and children after they are gone.  

Today, fraternal relief can be support after California wildfires or mudslides.  It can be COVID-era financial assistance for those who need it in difficult times.  Whatever it may look like, helping a distressed worthy brother in his time of need can truly change a life.

Since 2000, the California Masonic Foundation has been the fundraising arm of the fraternity, raising over $250 million in support of fraternal relief, the Masonic Homes of California, and distressed worthy brothers statewide. 

Learn MORe about the ways the California Masonic Foundation supports the fraternity

Masonic Homes of California

From residential campuses to social services throughout the state to mental health care, the Masonic Homes of California, Masonic Outreach Services and the Masonic Center for Youth and Families is there for our members.  

Masonic Youth Orders

The Masonic Youth Orders support young people who are following in our footsteps.  We are proud to support DeMolay International, Rainbow for Girls, and Job’s Daughters in California.

Masonic Education

The California Masonic Foundation invests in the leadership of our fraternity through retreats, conferences and annual symposiums.