Masons of California

South County Bears

Greetings Brethren and Friends!

Please update: Since 2018, we have raised more than $184,000 – over 9,200 mitts – for kids in Angels RBI Leagues in Orange County. We can use your help once again by donating today.


Mitts Given


Dollars Raised


  • Huntington Beach No. 380
  • Irvine Valley No. 671
  • Newport Mesa No. 604
  • Saddleback Laguna No. 672
  • Sunset No. 26
  • The Thirty-Three No. 878
  • Veritas No. 855
  • Wiley L. Kimbrough No. 91
  • Willard A. Allen No. 102
  • Ye Old Cup and Ball No. 880


Joshua Price

Joshua Price

Veritas No. 855

Jamie Barr

Jamie Barr

Newport Mesa No. 604

Sean Thomas

Sean Thomas

Wiley L. Kimbrough No.91

Captain's Message

“Working together for the benefit of the community, especially our youth, is an example of the valuable mindset that participating in team sports can instill. As a team, we can all celebrate our successes and support one other. Working with Masons4Mitts and supporting Angels RBI gives me the opportunity to help youth in our community learn the benefits of both.” – Co-Captain Jamie Barr