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Greetings Brethren and Friends!

With your help and donations, we have raised more than $378,000 – over 18,000 mitts – since 2015 for Masons4Mitts in Los Angeles. Your contributions have supported deserving boys and girls all over this region. Thanks for stepping up to the plate!


Mitts Given


Dollars Raised


  • Anchor Bell No. 868
  • Angel City No. 18
  • Atwater Larchmont Tila Pass No. 614
  • Beverly Hills No. 528
  • Culver City-Foshay No. 467
  • Douglas No. 33
  • Downtown Masonic No. 859
  • Elysian No. 418
  • Garrison No. 45
  • Gravity Lodge No. 94
  • Ionic Composite No. 520
  • James H. Wilson No. 68
  • Liberal Arts No. 677
  • Lillard G. Dandridge No. 99
  • Los Angeles No. 42
  • Oasis No. 854
  • Santa Monica-Palisades No. 307
  • Sunset No. 369
  • Thomas Waller No. 49
  • Western Knights No. 56
  • William Rhodes Hervey No. 767


Robert Pepple

Robert Pepple

Santa Monica-Palisades No. 307

Bernie Morse

Bernie Morse

Ionic Composite No. 520

Robert Foster

Sunset No. 369

Kentor Johnson

Kentor Johnson

Angel City No. 18

Captain's Message

“We have experienced firsthand the kids’ appreciation for Masons4Mitts at Dodger Dreamfield dedications and Covid food and supply giveaways. The Dodger Dreamteam program helps kids and parents in so many ways beyond the baseball diamond. That includes seminars on finances for parents and kids, free eyeglass screenings, and tours of colleges for high schoolers, to name a few. For every $20 donation, a deserving youth receives a great leather mitt inscribed with Masons of California.” –Co-Captain Bernie Morse