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North County Bees

Greetings Brethren and Friends!

Please update: Since 2018, we have raised more than $184,000 – over 9,200 mitts – for kids in Angels RBI Leagues in Orange County. We can use your help once again by donating today.


Mitts Given


Dollars Raised


  • Anaheim No. 207
  • Garden Grove No. 351
  • Gateway No. 339
  • High Desert No. 107
  • Orange Grove No. 293
  • Orange Valley No. 13
  • Plumeline No. 117
  • Prince Hall No. 17
  • Silver Moon No. 105
  • Smooth Ashlar No. 119
  • Solomon’s Staircase No. 357
  • Temescal Palms No. 314
  • Yorba Linda No. 469


James Segerstrom

James Segerstrom

Orange Grove No. 293

Jonathan Dilley

Jonathan Dilley

Anaheim No. 207

Captain's Message

“Do you remember your first baseball mitt? Thanks to Masons4Mitts, young ballplayers can now have their own. With the square and compass pictured on them, what better reminder for those ballplayers to know that the Masons helped to provide, in many cases, their very first mitt. Please support Masons4Mitts and give generously. As always, let’s go Angels!” –Co-Captain James Segerstrom