21st Century Club

Our Foundation, and the impact it makes, is not possible without our donors. The 21st Century Club is a prestigious distinction that recognizes the fraternity’s most generous donors: Those who have given $10,000 or more to our Masonic charities since the year 2000. These especially generous donors make a lasting impact, helping to advance the fraternity’s charitable causes and providing critical support and relief to those in need.




George E. and Bernice Bowser
Richard F. and Beverly Davis
R. Stephen Doan
Donald and Dottie Griffiths
Christopher Herwegh
Tuoc K. and Minh-Chau Thi Pham
Ted and Rae Segerstrom
Major Thomas A. Spencer, AUS Ret.
Ronald L. Stephens
Elwin O. and Terry J. Studebaker, Jr.

James P. Arnold
John F. and Francene C. Burgess
Jesse and Maxine Hill
Richard W. and Judi Hopper
Victor A. And Mary Ann Key
Robert L. and Patricia A. Lehow
Joseph D. Murdock
Mark and Beth Pressey
Lindy V. Robinson
Michael and Kasey Thibodeaux
Arthur and Barbara Weiss



$50,000 – $99,999



$25,000 – $49,999

Anonymous (2)
Franklin L. and Elizabeth Avery
Richard G. and Alice Anderson
Trisha and Jeffrey Bear
James Mason Busch
Allan L. Casalou
Gary Charland
Russell E. and Linda Charvonia
Jack “Tom” Claycomb
John R. and Margo Heisner
Kevin Herrick
Richard W. and Judi Hopper
Douglas D. Ismail
Victor A. And Mary Ann Key
Brandon T. Lippincott
Frank S. Mascari
Ken and Kathy Nagel
Mark A. Nielsen
David R. Patterson
Edward and Diana Paul
Walter and Nancy Ringwald
Art and Laura Salazar
Bruno V. Samuel
Robert D. Schafer
Fred and Marlene Sorsabal
Alexander and Bethany Teodoro
Arthur and Barbara Weiss
Rick and Vicki Wright



$10,000 – $24,999

Larry and Lynn Adamson
Thomas T. and Angela Albers
Gerald J. Alonzo
Marvin R. Andews
Ron and Rachel Arana
Howard and Adele Avant
Durward and Caroline Ayre
David E. Banastre
Paul B. Bazerkanian
J. Craig Bell
Walter M. and Flora I. Benson
John A. Bermudez
Brian and Stephanie Bezner
Douglas E. Birchfield
Thomas W. Bishop
Dell Bleiler
William J. and Linda Bray
Kenneth L. Breeding
George M. Brown III
William L. Bryan
Walter “Joe” and Mary Jane Campbell
James E. Carter
Garrett S. and JoMay Chan
Gregory B. Cherry
Tony and Leila Cimarra
Donald V. Colucci
John L. and Heather Cooper
Michael and Norma Cornell
David and Kathy Coss
Daniel and Misty Dailey
Paul and Jennifer Dana
Nelson J. Diaz
Walter S. and Nora Ellen Dill
David R. and Teri Doan
Daniel L. Doornbos
Donald F. Ellicott
James W. Erickson
Clifford F. Evans
Thomas E. and Janelle Fanslow
Robert C. and Donna Fink
B. Oren Fletcher
David and Batya Forsyth
Paul H. Galyean
Noubar G. Ghazarossian
Candler Gibson and Marni Tuel
Daniel E. Gibson
J. Kern Hamilton
Thomas R. Handell
Richard and Lisa Hatchett
George W. and Catherine Helling
Robert and Yvonne Houssels
Norman D. and Marie Hughes
Darrel E. and Mary Louise Hunter
Dr. Robert and Dr. Louise Hutchinson
Charles S. Jacobs
Cecil L. Jaquess
David D. and Nora Johnson
Robert R. Johnson
Calvin H. Johnston
Tom and Gita Kavishi
Richard A. and Pamela S. Kellogg
Clinton “Clint” Lowell, Jr.
Max Kelly
Fares E. Khoury
James R. King
Robert and Sandhya Klute
Carol S. Krieger
Jerry G. Laiblin
Malle Lantz
William G. Lavoie
Robert L. and Patricia A. Lehow
Edmond and Annette Lim
John A. Lindell
Frank and Jeanie Loui
Charles R. Lovin
John and Becky Lowe
Susan Lurty
M. David Mac Callum
Edward A. Mackerley
Shay Maghame
William J. Malmstrom
Ara Maloyan
Jeff R. Mathews
Melvin L. Matsumoto
Harry L. and Carolyn J. Maynard
Jack B. and Scottie McEnterfer
Mark McNee and Suzanna Martinez
Michael A. McReynolds
Kendall and Janet Mills
Nicholas H. Mitchell
Richard and Gabrielle Modolo
Elvan D. Moen
John M. and Elaine Morrison
Bernhard D. Morse
Phillip E. Mossey
Lynn R. Mullis
Michael D. and Myra E. Neben
David Y. Okamoto
Edward C. Page
Clinton C. Parker
Bruce and Shirley Pruitt
Michael P. Quinn
William R. Ramsey
Juan C. and Victoria M. Raniel
Ali Razi
John F. Riblett
Hans L. Richter
Yariv Robinson
Jack M. Rose
Thomas A. Schiffer
A. Raymond Schmalz
Roger W. Seamans
Joseph D. and Dorothy E. Seckelmann
James A. Segerstrom
Lawrence H. Shane
Virgil R. Shoemaker
Franklin H. Shoffner
Lewis A. Siegler
Rodger D. Siems
Robert L. Sills
Christopher D. Smith
Clarence L. Soong
Melvyn B. Stein
Frederick M. and Martha Stevens
Kenneth W. Stratton
Elwin O. and Terry J. Studebaker, Jr.
Edward J. Struiksma
David W. Studley
Richard Sutherland
Khalil H. Sweidy
Taveau Family
Andrew Uehling and Thomas Barnett
Vanderbeek Family
Lynn R. and Charmaine Wallingford
Reino I. Wantin
John L. Wasson
Robert and Sharon Watanabe
Carl F. Watson
Raymond S. Werner
C. Ray and Joyce Whitaker
Jeff and Liz Wilkins
G. Michael and Betty Wilson
Glenn D. Woody
Alin C. Worley
Stuart A. Wright
Gary and Deann Yanes
Steven L. Yeffa
Jordan Yelinek and Michael Ducker
Jeffrey Ying

* Italics: Deceased

Tuoc Pham’s Masonic journey began in childhood, as he fled South Vietnam for respite with a Masonic family in San Diego. Now a 24-year Mason, past master, and Hiram Award recipient, Pham reflects upon Masonry’s influence in his life, and how he strives to give back.
From instituting the Grand Lodge of Hawaii to many more notable accomplishments, Past Grand Master Harry Lee Maynard’s devotion to the fraternity and philanthropy continues to inspire.