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Greetings Brethren and Friends!

Since 2015, your support has helped us raise more than $157,000 – over 7,850 mitts – for deserving boys and girls all over San Diego. Thanks for stepping up to the plate!


Mitts Given


Dollars Raised


  • Amity No. 442
  • Fidelity No. 10
  • G.A. Thompson No. 79
  • Gibraltar No. 58
  • John D. Spreckels No. 657
  • Joseph L. Shell Daylight No. 837
  • Lux No. 846
  • San Diego No. 35
  • Silver Gate-Three Stars No. 296
  • Surfside No. 112
  • Unity No. 632


Jonathan Robles

Jonathan Robles

San Diego No. 35

Mark Gene Baltazar Dela Cruz

Mark Gene Baltazar Dela Cruz

Amity No. 442

 Jason Sevier

Jason Sevier

Fidelity No. 10

Captain's Message

“I strongly believe in our charitable works. Masons4Mitts offers kids the opportunity to go outside, be physically active and have a great time being a kid. Some families cannot afford to buy their kids equipment to partake in these activities, that’s where we, as Masons, step up to the plate and lend a helping hand.” -Co-Captain Jonathan Robles