Masonic Youth Orders

The Next Generation of Freemasonry

The future of our fraternity and the values it promotes is bright – and nowhere is that light so vibrant as within the young people who are following in our footsteps. By supporting Masonic youth, we are passing our values and traditions on to tomorrow’s Masonic family.

Leadership Grants

Each year we provide leadership grants to the four Masonic youth orders in our state: California Rainbow for Girls, California Job’s Daughters, Northern California DeMolay, and Southern California DeMolay. These grants are used by each youth order to advance Masonic values and teachings within their own organizations.

Masonic Youth Leadership Scholarships

Created in 2016, Masonic Youth Leadership Scholarships are college scholarships awarded to selected state and regional officers of our Masonic youth orders. These scholarships recognize the efforts and sacrifices each leader has made on behalf of their leadership in Rainbow for Girls, Job’s Daughters, or DeMolay. 

Masonic youth leaders devote a great amount of time to their leadership roles, as well as making significant personal financial commitments. This dedicated scholarship helps these devoted young men and women to achieve their higher education goals. Selected adult leaders nominate recipients; direct applications are not accepted. For more information, contact

Krysta joined Job’s Daughters at age 11. Today, the former grand bethel chaplain is completing a degree in criminal justice. She has a clear purpose: to be a victim advocate. In this role, she will advocate for victims – women in particular – helping them understand legal processes and find a sense of comfort and understanding. “My career will be focused on helping others. I think I’ve taken that from the Masonic order,” she says.

Once a shy child, Nick gained confidence and a solid foundation of Masonic values when he joined DeMolay. Today, thanks to California Masons, he is pursuing his dream to become a marketer in the golf industry – his favorite sport. “I truly am grateful for the scholarship, and for everything the Masons have done for the youth, myself, and my family,” Nick says. “They’ve helped more than we could ever imagine.”

Be a Mentor

An important component of support for Masonic youth is providing mentorship. Learn how to be a youth mentor at