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Greetings Brethren and Friends!

Since 2015, your support has helped us raise more than $157,000 – over 7,850 mitts – for deserving boys and girls all over San Diego. Thanks for stepping up to the plate!


Mitts Given


Dollars Raised


  • Consuelo No. 325
  • Fallbrook No. 317
  • GAT Jose Rizal No. 2062
  • Hemet San Jacinto No. 338
  • Menifee Valley No. 289
  • Murrieta No. 869
  • Novus Veteris No. 864
  • Oceanside-San Dieguito No. 381
  • Santa Maria No. 580
  • Temecula Catalina Island No. 524
  • Vista No. 687


Anthony McLean

Anthony McLean

Temecula Catalina Island No. 524

Jon Rick

Jon Rick

Consuelo No. 325

Captain's Message

“I always look forward to being part of Masons4Mitts and the good work done by the RBI program, the Foundation, and volunteers for the children in San Diego, who learn athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship; all of which is made possible by the Padres Foundation, which the California Masonic Foundation supports with Masons4Mitts.  One year, at the end of the program, I met one of the volunteers who told me of the looks on the kids’ faces when they were handed brand new baseball gloves. His emotions got the best of him as his eyes welled up with tears. If our work can have that effect on a volunteer, imagine the effect on the kid taking his or her very own brand-new baseball glove home for the first time.” – Co-Captain Anthony McLean