Masons of California

Masonic Education

investing in our members

As Masons, we come to the fraternity seeking a greater understanding of the world and of ourselves. The California Masonic Foundation supports this goal of ongoing personal growth by providing impactful, relevant leadership training and educational programming.

Leadership Retreats

Annual retreats help lodge officers become effective leaders in their lodges and communities:

Inspectors Retreats:
These essential fall meetings ensure that our district leadership are informed about changes in fraternal legislation, new programs, best practices, and other topics that allow them to be successful leaders and mentors.

Secretary & Treasurer Retreats:
These annual retreats keep secretaries and treasurers advised of updates, new tools, best practices, and techniques that can maximize their effectiveness at performing administrative duties.

Master & Wardens Retreats:
These impactful retreats help lodge officers create, refine, and united around multi-year plans for their lodges, as well as learning leadership skills that enable them to be successful in their role.


Each summer, the California Masonic Foundation partners with the Grand Lodge of California to present a symposium addressing a topic of historical and philosophical relevance to California Masonry. These fascinating programs draw Masonic scholars from throughout California, and beyond.