Pace Setter Lodge Donors

Lodges who have made significant gifts as multi-year pledges in support of the Let’s Write the Future campaign receive a special distinction as Pace Setter donors. We are deeply appreciative to the Pace Setter lodges who have shown their deep commitment to Masonic charity and relief by launching our efforts on behalf of those in need.

This San Diego-area lodge, chartered in 1906, is one of the fraternity’s most generous donors. In addition to their significant local charitable efforts, in late 2016, brothers made a $32,000 donation to the California Masonic Foundation – then the largest gift in Foundation history. In 2018, they reprised this gift with a five-year pledge of $100,000, the first Pace Setter lodge gift in the Let’s Write the Future campaign. 

Master:  Mark A. Nielsen
Senior Warden:  David W. Smith
Junior Warden:  Reynaldo E. Desenganio Jr.
Treasurer:  Fred F. Burkhardt
Secretary:  Drew L. Middleton 

Destiny Lodge No. 856

Charity and Masonry are one and the same for this lodge, which is located at the Covina Masonic Home. Members – Masonic Homes residents and area Masons – unite under their shared commitment to Masonic relief and fellowship. Destiny Lodge has made one of the largest Pace Setter gifts to date, pledging $250,000 to the California Masonic Foundation’s Let’s Write the Future campaign.  

Master:  Juan M. Mena
Senior Warden:  Herschel P. Mazer
Junior Warden:  Ernest Salcido Jr.
Treasurer:  James R. Crist 
Secretary:  Gerald L. Chandler 

This historic lodge has been a stalwart of California Masonry since the beginning – California Lodge held its first meeting in 1849, a year before they helped form the Grand Lodge of California. Today’s members continue a tradition of providing relief to those in need. In addition to adopting an elementary school and other local charitable initiatives, California Lodge has made a generous $180,000 pledge to the California Masonic Foundation.

Master:  Roberto L. Bradford
Senior Warden:  Rhett B. Marino
Junior Warden:  John D. Bargas
Treasurer:  Lawrence Leon 
Secretary:  James Toy 

Santa Monica Palisades Lodge No. 307

Located in the heart of Santa Monica, on the western side of Los Angeles, this historic lodge – more than 125 years old – has been a champion of Masonic philanthropy within their local community and the greater Masonic family since their foundation. Today, Santa Monica-Palisades brothers have joined the Let’s Write the Future campaign as a Pace Setter lodge, pledging a $100,000 gift to the California Masonic Foundation.

Master:  Adrian T. Fulle
Senior Warden:  Michael A. Domino
Junior Warden:  Michael A. Lloyd
Treasurer:  Ara Maloyan
Secretary:  Graftan S. Harper

$150,000 - $300,000

Beverly Hills No. 528
California No. 1
Destiny No. 856
Nevada No. 13
San Jose No. 10
Vesper No. 84

$100,000 - $149,999

Alhambra No. 322
Channel Islands No. 214
East San Diego No. 561
Friendship No. 210
Metropolitan No. 352
Mission No. 169
Oakland Durant Rockridge No. 188
Oceanside-San Dieguito No. 381
San Diego No. 35
San Francisco No. 120
Santa Monica-Palisades No. 307
South Pasadena No. 290

$50,000 - $99,999

Burbank No. 406
Fallbrook No. 317
Greenleaf Gardens No. 670
Unity No. 632

$25,000 - $49,999

Columbia-Brotherhood No. 370
Conejo Valley No. 807
Consuelo No. 325
Diablo Valley No. 448
Ionic Composite No. 520
Irvine Valley No. 671
Island City No. 215
Liberty No. 299
Wisdom No. 202