Pace Setter Individual Donors

Pace Setter individual donors are generous brothers and friends who have made significant gifts as multi-year pledges in support of the Let’s Write the Future campaign. We are deeply appreciative to these leadership donors who have heeded the call and launched our efforts on behalf of those in need.

“Giving makes you think about the wider world. It helps you see other people.”

“I can’t imagine my life without the fraternity. I want to give back so that it continues to live up to the principle it was founded upon: taking care of one another.”

“We help people in need and we try to better society. That’s at the core of what Freemasons do.”


R. Stephen Doan

Christopher “Chip” Herwegh

Ted and Rae Segerstrom

$50,000 - $99,999

James P. Arnold
Michael and Kasey Thibodeaux

$25,000 - $49,999

Allan L. Casalou
Gary Charland
John R. and Margo Heisner
David R. Patterson
Mark and Beth Pressey
Arthur and Barbara Weiss


$15,000 - $24,999

Daniel J. Dailey
Douglas D. Ismail
James R. King
Phil E. Mossey
Art and Laura Salazar
Richard S. Sutherland
Alex and Bethany Teodoro
Toby Vanderbeek

$10,000 - $14,999

Larry and Lynn Adamson
Thomas T. and Angela Albers
Ron Arana
Durward and Caroline Ayre
Paul B. Bazerkanian
John A. Bermudez
Brian and Stephanie Bezner
Walter “Joe” and Mary Jane Campbell
Garrett S. and JoMay Chan
Russell E. and Linda Charvonia
Gregory B. Cherry
Antonio G. Cimarra
Donald V. Colucci
Michael and Norma Cornell
David and Kathy Coss
Paul A. Dana
Nelson J. Diaz
James W. Erickson
David A. Forsyth
Candler M. Gibson
Tom Kavishi
Richard A. and Pamela S. Kellogg
Victor A. and Mary Ann Key
Fares E. Koury
Robert D. Klute
Jerry G. Laiblin
Edmond M. Lim
Frank Loui
John and Becky Lowe
Shay Maghame
Ara Maloyan
Jeff R. Mathews
Mark J. McNee
Michael A. McReynolds
Kendall R. Mills
Richard J. Modolo
Elvan Moen
Kenneth G. Nagel
Mark A. Nielsen
James A. Segerstrom
Major Thomas A. Spencer, AUS Ret.
David W. Studley
Khalil H. Sweidy
Sebastien L. Taveau
Andrew Uehling
Jeffery M. Wilkins
G. Michael and Betty Wilson
Richard O. and Vicki Wright
Steven L. Yeffa
Jordan T. Yelinek