Campaign Leadership

Let’s Write the Future Campaign Steering Committee

These brothers are generously leading the California Masonic Foundation’s “Let’s Write the Future” campaign with their time and effort. They are truly championing our fraternal legacy and inspiring others to follow suit.

Steering Committee

Arthur H. Weiss, JGW, Chairman, California Masonic Foundation
R. Stephen Doan, PGM, General Chairman
Douglas D. Ismail, President, California Masonic Foundation
Thomas T. Albers, Trustee
W. Joseph Campbell
Russell E. Charvonia, PGM
John R. Heisner, PGM, Trustee
Mark J. McNee
Mark E. Pressey, Trustee
Theodore W. Segerstrom
Ralph C. Shelton II
Alexander J. Teodoro, Trustee
Michael D. Thibodeaux, Trustee

Steering Committee: Northern Lodges

Robert A. Whitfield, Trustee, Campaign Co-chair
Eryc K. Branham, Trustee
John Bermudez
David A. Forsyth
Frank Loui, PGM
Kenneth G. Nagel, PGM
M. David Perry, PGM

Steering Committee: Southern Lodges

Randall L. Brill, Trustee, Campaign Co-chair
Larry L. Adamson, PGM
Paul Bazerkanian
Freddie G. Davis
Alan K. Pak, Trustee
Ruben B. Zari, Trustee